partybusProms are among the most special events that we celebrate in our lives. This is reflected by the type of formal wear worn by the attendees, one that exudes luxury and elegance above all else. Prom is meant to be taken seriously while still maintaining some degree of fun for everyone in attendance.

It’s often considered tradition and almost a requirement that one rents a stylish stretch limousine both when arriving and leaving the prom party.

However, many of our clients wish to spice things up by choosing to rent a party bus instead of the usual limousine. As limo buses will feature all of the luxury and elegance of limousines, they are a great alternative that opens up many more options for its passengers due to the space of these vehicles as well as the perks they come with. Whereas in a standard limousine you would mostly be confined to sitting in the back and perhaps having a drink or two, with a party bus you are free to choose between a host of activities to do on board.

Our party buses can feature disco lighting and dance floors on top of the high quality sound system to ensure that the dancing of the night doesn’t just happen at the school the students are graduating from. This removes any limitations that might have been imposed by the school in terms of how long the party will last and lets the students continue having fun as long as they’d like.

As prom is a special night for just about every student attending it, many will find that they don’t want it to end too soon and a party bus can go a long way towards making that happen. You should let yourself dictate how long your prom will last so that you can fully enjoy the company of your friends in their fancy garments as you drink, socialize and dance.

Alternatively, you can also use the party bus to visit other locations that might be related to your experience in the school and even some clubs where you can continue the prom party. With one of our party buses, the options for young prom attendees can seem truly limitless as they are allowed to tailor their own prom night exactly to their own liking, having their own private dance party with the music of their choosing and surrounded by their very best friends.

Also, if you are a worried parent, you can rest in the knowledge that our chauffeur will keep an eye on your children at all times and make sure that the party does not get too wild, especially in terms of alcohol which is often an issue if your children are not yet of a drinking age. Letting your children rent a party bus for their prom is not only completely safe but also a great way to make it much more enjoyable for your offspring and their friends, as any time spent inside a party bus is a time to remember.